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Equity | April 25, 2023

Equity Journey Reflection: Progress, Not Perfection

By Emily Nguyen

This blog is estimated to take two minutes to read.

As a foundation, we began engaging with All of Us Together Co. in the fall of 2022. We are learning and working not only on our internal equity journey as an organization but also with our grantees to offer insight and support on how they might think about their own equity journeys. I truly believe that internal reflection has to happen alongside any equity work with the community and our grantees because we have to be willing to walk the talk ourselves.

Mynesha Spencer with All of Us Together Co. collaborated with our team to examine the Weitz Family Foundation and recently completed an equity audit of our organization. As the next phase of growth, we launched Forging Human Harmony: bi-weekly, all-team conversations focused on engaging in racial equity discussions as well as visiting places and spaces that reflect the many different types of diversity within our community. On a personal level, I am looking forward to being challenged and growing in my own individual equity journey. I am also grateful to embark on this road with the Weitz Family Foundation team and share more about this work with our grantees in addition to the broader community.

One tool that Mynesha provided us with is an equity matrix, which grantees may have heard various members of our team reference during site visits this year. This matrix provides a concrete way to benchmark your organization in key areas, and then think about how you can improve. There are 3 levels of matrixes:

  1. Fundamental Tier
  2. Intermediate Tier
  3. Advanced Tier

This matrix was the foundation of our own equity audit that was completed by All of Us Together Co. While not the only indicators of an inclusive, equitable organization, they do provide a place to start! As a foundation, we will be working to include this in our upcoming grant application. We do not expect nor look for organizations to be at a certain level within the matrix. Rather, we are keen to see how nonprofits are taking action to get better and improve.

Take a minute and review these with your own organization in mind. Where do you see yourselves focusing on? Where have you made improvements? What areas would you like to improve even more? I invite you to pause, reflect, and think about what key areas you want to act on. If you have any thoughts or want to discuss this further, please reach out to me ( or Mynesha with All of Us Together Co. (


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