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We Believe In Equity For All In Our Community

The Weitz Family Foundation

The Weitz Family Foundation is where values and aspirations shared by the family and team meet with change-makers and innovators. When our foundation began more than 20 years ago, grant funding was our primary tool to support positive change. Now, we understand that it takes more than funding to be partners in the creation of a just and kind society: trust, transparency, advocacy, social capital, leadership development, technical assistance, and more. We work to have those most proximal to the issues help drive decision-making in our communities.

Supporting Innovative Ideas

Spotting innovation is not always easy, but an outgrowth of our relationships is that we are positioned to be in conversation around the “what if”s. This type of trust and shared problem-solving has brought us opportunities to dream big. By working, learning, and planning together with our partners and neighbors, we get comfortable taking the risks involved with exploring new pathways. We also have the privilege of being able to connect individuals and ideas. Innovation often requires flexibility and ability to adapt as we learn. The trust built along the way allows us to course correct together.

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Four children wearing masks are gathered at a table. The child closest to the camera is cutting an onion, the second closest is peeling an onion, and the other two are watching intently.

A child smiling.

A smiling child stands behind a white table filled with art supplies holding an art notebook.

Investing in Our Future

Our goals are oriented toward equitable pathways for present and future generations. We want to look upstream and address problems at the source, or repair incentive systems that create the wrong outcome. However, we know system work is complex and there is no one-time fix. Additionally, we recognize that much of the work today is incremental. We commit to staying on the course to radical change in structural equity.

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Two people sitting at a desk.

Two masked people, one with long hair and glasses and one with their hair in a bun, are sitting at a desk engaged in conversation. A few papers are on the desk in front of them.

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Learning from One Another

Sometimes unless one is directly involved or impacted, one cannot see the triggers or mechanisms that create harm. By taking our lead from those who have lived experiences, we can listen, support, promote, and innovate solutions–together–from such wisdom. We believe in our humanity. Trusting front line workers’ knowledge better informs our practices, so we need to open lines of communication. We do not want to reinvent the wheel–many folks have figured out sustainable, efficient, and equitable ways to make a difference. Supporting these efforts and communicating what works–and what does not–is our priority. We seek educational opportunities for ourselves and our partners, and understand that we must continue to learn and grow in order to bring our best selves to the work.

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Instructor demonstrating art technique to two children at a table.

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A person talking

Two people are in conversation. The person speaking is facing the camera and gesturing with one hand and holding a soda can in the other; the other person has their back to the camera. Out of focus are other people in the room.

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