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Our Approach

Creating Change Through Collaboration

The Weitz Family Foundation uses multiple tools to create change through collaboration with our partners. We want to be more than just the money–we strive to support the development of community leaders and front-line workers through education, advocacy, leadership development, and power sharing in addition to grant-making. People who choose to dedicate their lives to better our society are our heroes. Nurturing these folks’ development and creating opportunities for growth is extremely important to us.

Amplifying the Good Work of Others

We certainly do not know all of the answers and welcome suggestions about ways we can amplify the good work of others. If there are workshops, programs, classes, speakers, or policy makers that could improve how we work together, we aim to recruit, deploy, and partner to transform these ideas into reality. Let us know what you need by way of technical assistance, community conversation, legislation, or regulatory initiatives. We love to support backbone organizations and even public-private partnerships that provide these services to other nonprofits.

A group of people in meeting.

A large group of people are seated at U-shaped tables and are facing the presenter at the front of the room. There are large white pieces of paper affixed to the green chalkboard with handwritten community meeting notes.

Exploring Innovative Strategies

Oftentimes, we can find common ground by simply making introductions. The Weitz Family Foundation is open to hosting forums to bring stakeholders together to learn about topics we are working on or exploring. Omaha is a small enough place that anything can happen here–innovative thinking and creative strategies can be explored, evaluated, and implemented. Research allows us to learn from other communities and understand how we can bring best practices home.

We are confident that together, we can and will achieve greater equity, justice, and peace for our communities.