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Lifelong Learning

When looking at the Weitz Family Foundation’s grantmaking history, it is clear that education plays a central role in our theory of change. Our largest grants were made to the institution that shaped each member of the Weitz family: Carleton College. The family continues to find new ways to partner with Carleton: Drew serves on the alumni board, Wally is president of the Board of Trustees, and Barbara continues to support and refine the Weitz Fellows program. Additionally, our gifts to the University of Nebraska at Omaha, particularly to the Service Learning Academy and Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center, highlight our commitment to local institutions. We continue to be excited about students, faculty, and programs executing new pathways for innovation and equity.

We believe in lifelong learning. We desire to support and facilitate opportunities for those working hard to positively transform our community. This may take the form of professional development workshops, seminars, or coaching. The work of community-based organizations can take a toll on the strongest of spirits, and we aim to offer moments of rest and rejuvenation. We commit to providing resources and learning opportunities to further equip grantees to achieve their missions.

A person taking notes.

The person in focus is seated at a table and taking notes with other people on either side of them at the same table out of focus.

Four people standing outside.

Four people smiling at an outdoor event in the winter. They’re engaged with the speaker, who is out of frame.