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Insight into Inquiries

Below are some of the most common questions we are asked. Please browse through our Foundation and Grants FAQ sections for detailed insight into items you may be curious about.

Foundation FAQ

I would like to schedule a call or meeting with a Weitz Family Foundation representative. Who should I reach out to?

Our Program Associates are available to meet with current or potential grantees. Please contact Robia Qasimyar at (organizations A-M) or Alexzia Plummer at (organizations N-Z).

How can I schedule a call or meeting with the Executive Director, Dr. Katie Weitz?

If you are a current grantee who wants to ask questions/share updates or a potential grantee who hopes for an introduction, please contact your respective Program Associate. If your meeting objectives extend beyond those matters, you are able to contact Executive Administrator Dani Ohlman at to request a meeting with Dr. Katie Weitz.  

Who can I contact if I’m interested in Yates updates or have questions about the project?

You are welcome to email Executive Administrator Danielle Oilman at for more information about the partnership between Yates and the Gifford Park Neighborhood Association. Don’t forget to check out the Yates Illuminates website as well!

Is your website available in other languages?

Spanish, Vietnamese, and Arabic are coming soon! If you speak another language or would like to contact a team member about this accessibility, email Alexzia at

Who do I contact if I have an idea to share but don’t know how to get started?

Drafting an email or sending a one-pager to Dani at will allow us to see if there is a staff member or resource we can connect with you. Please know we want to make dreams come true, so providing us with as much information up front is helpful. Additionally this could include links, video, other resources, it does not need to be a formal presentation (although we love a good slide deck!)

Do you support political candidates?

As a private foundation, we can not give to individuals, including political candidates. We do fund advocacy work as allowable for 501c3.  For more information on what is allowable, see Alliance for Justice’s Bolder Advocacy program. 

Grant FAQ

How do I know if I should apply?

Thank you for being considerate, and carefully reviewing how or whether your agency fits with our foundation. The Weitz Family Foundation prioritizes and supports systemic change that transforms our community into an equitable place to live. Being able to answer how your effort addresses racial equity is crucial. The next question would be, are you working at the level of direct service, systemic change, or something in between? Every piece of the work is vital to our community. We prefer to target our resources where we can have them be the most impactful whenever possible. Additionally, we are grateful there are many other funders who appreciate and respond to the appeals for immediate action.  

Have more questions?  Please communicate with our Program Associates: (organizations A-M) or Alexzia Plummer at (organizations N-Z).

How do I know which grant to apply for?

  • Beloved Community
    • Funding requests $20,000 and under
    • Focus on relief, recovery, and re-imagining life in Omaha
    • Shorter application
    • First-time applicants are eligible for consideration
  • Capacity Building
    • Funding requests starting at $21,000
    • Focus on facilitating the success of a project, program, or agency at a higher impact level
    • Longer application
    • First-time applicants are not eligible for consideration
    • Capital campaign requests

What are the timelines for grant applications and notification?

Our grant applications open in August and close in September. Notifications will be sent in late November/early December. Please see our Process page for more details. 

May I apply for both a Beloved Community grant AND a Capacity Building grant?

No, you may only apply for one of the available grants. 

I’ve never been a Weitz Family Foundation grantee. Which grant should I apply for?

We recommend applying for Beloved Community if you have never been a grantee and/or if you have applied in the past but were not ultimately selected as a grantee. This grant is the best way to get introduced to the Weitz family and foundation team.

Are there any specific considerations about what to ask for in my grant application?

Yes! Please note that all of our funding is disbursed as general operating. We do not fund more than 20% of a specific position’s salary and/or more than 50% of total program budgets. For capital campaigns, we expect either 10% or the entirety of our grant (whichever is less) to go toward contracts with small and emerging businesses.

Will Weitz Family Foundation fund agencies that are located outside of Omaha, Nebraska?

Agencies that work in the Omaha metro area are eligible to apply. We do fund several national organizations with satellites/chapters in Omaha. If your agency is primarily located and works outside of Omaha, especially outside of Nebraska, we will say no. We receive so many worthy requests, our criteria for funding begins with the simple geographic question. Please understand that although your proposal may be wonderful, if it is not taking place in the Omaha area, we are unlikely to be your funder.

Even though you say you only fund Omaha, would you consider a request from Council Bluffs?

We recognize that many people who use services in Omaha also live and work across the bridge and vice versa. Unfortunately, we have to draw some lines, and thus we will not fund agencies that are outside Omaha, including (but of course not limited to) Council Bluffs.

What if this process doesn’t work for me due to differences in my abilities?

No worries! We are happy to find a solution that works for you. Please email Dani at

Do I have to be a 501(c)3 organization? Can that status be pending?

Yes, your organization must be designated as a 501(c)3 to be considered for grant funding. If you submitted your application to the IRS and are pending approval, you are still welcome to apply. However, you will need to keep us updated about the status of your application and, if your application is approved, we may withhold funds until your designation comes through. 

Does it help to call and ask to meet with Weitz family members?

Every director and staff member of the Weitz Family Foundation is actively engaged in the community. It may seem confusing whether to approach an individual or the foundation. Unless you have an existing personal relationship, please do not solicit individual family members in addition to the family’s foundation. Program Associates are available to meet with agencies (Robia Qasimyar at for organizations A-M and Alexzia Plummer at for organizations N-Z). However, this does not indicate likelihood of grant funding. If you are new to the Weitz Family Foundation, please reach out to your respective Program Associate to schedule an introductory meeting.

Will Weitz Family Foundation fund operating or overhead costs?

Sure. Our Beloved Community grants are meant to provide funds for the day-to-day costs of operating non-profit agencies that fit within our mission. If you are applying for a Capacity Building grant, overhead costs can be included. In these programmatic areas, we prefer to see overhead that doesn’t exceed 20 percent. Additionally, if you intend to use any portion of the grant to fund an event, please indicate that on your application.

How long should my responses be in the grant application?

While we do not have a maximum threshold for how long responses must be, you will see that we have word limit suggestions on our application. Ultimately, we are looking for responses that offer complete, direct, and honest answers to our questions. Provide enough information that will allow our team to get a solid idea of the picture you are trying to paint, but please do not feel like you must include every minute detail.

Will the Weitz Family Foundation fund individuals or religious organizations?


What if I’m not comfortable writing in English?

You’re welcome to contact us so that we can determine a means by which you can still apply for grant funding. Please email Dani at

If I am denied a grant, can I call and find out why?

If requested (via email), we will do our best to provide specific feedback where we can (not to dispute the result), but it is also the case that difficult decisions have to be made. We hope you understand we receive countless worthy applications but, realistically, are unable to fund every one of them. 

If I am the recipient of a grant, may I use the Weitz Family Foundation name in our reports?


What about events and sponsorship opportunities?

If you want the Weitz Family Foundation to be a sponsor of your annual or special event, you MUST use this application process. We will not consider underwriting letters or sponsorship appeals during the rest of the year. Please specify the amount you would like in underwriting or sponsorship and indicate what “level” of sponsorship this will secure. This is an additional question in the application so be sure to decide carefully. And yes, if we fund your grant, you will be able to use our name in your fundraising/marketing materials.

Have Other Questions?

Please communicate with our Program Associates: Robia Qasimyar at (organizations A-M) or Alexzia Plummer at (organizations N-Z).