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Power Sharing

Valuing Voices and Approaches

At the heart of our approach is trust. When we partner with a grantee, we believe the agency will use the resources we contributed in ways that maximize their usefulness. So, while we receive applications for specific programs and projects, we give our grants as “operating” dollars. This allows agencies to utilize funds where they are needed most. Additionally, we listen to community members and partners who are closest to the issues in order to be the most informed about what is needed to address them. We do not prescribe how the work is done. Rather, we value voices and approaches that uplift the work.

Connecting is Key

Every member of the Weitz family and foundation team collaborates with our partners in ways that are unique to our strengths: serving on boards or committees, organizing events or volunteering, lending an ear or shoulder to cry on, and sometimes giving tough feedback. We know that introducing our friends and colleagues to one another builds the social capital of each and–in a place like Omaha–makes it easier to get goals accomplished.

Sharing is Caring

We are committed to being transparent about the ways we are learning about this work and how to improve. This means that we will share various resources that we create and come across, such as sample employee handbooks, reading materials, and consultants.

Workers at a construction site.

A group of people in hard hats and winter gear at a construction site work to raise a wall frame.

Three children sit at a table.

Three children with masks sit at a table during a cooking class at The Union for Contemporary Art.