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Understanding Who We Fund

The primary function of the Weitz Family Foundation is to distribute fiscal resources to our partner organizations. In 2014, we created an annual application process that allows organizations to formally apply for funding. We adjust the application each year to match our values and priorities. We make sure to offer applicants opportunities to better understand our process by sharing videos, providing documents detailing application questions, and hosting informative Zoom sessions.

Throughout the first 20 years of the Weitz Family Foundation’s history, we gave almost $200,000,000 to area organizations. Although every grant may not have proved fruitful or reached every goal, we are extremely proud of our partners and thrilled to see how early grants blossomed into programs, replicated in other places, and touched all of our lives.

Our Current Grantees

Utilize the table below to search for organizations, understand our key giving areas, and gain insight into the financial impact of our foundation on the nonprofit sector.