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Our team often comes across ideas, concepts, and opportunities related to philanthropy, nonprofits, and beyond that we enjoy sharing with each other. Now, we would like to tune others into the conversation! Weitz Insights, our blog, will feature posts authored by members of the staff, board, and community. Check us out!

Multi-colored waves with text that reads, "Together, we can and we will achieve greater equity, justice, and peace for our community."

General | December 28, 2022

The Year Behind, The Work Ahead

By Katie Weitz, PhD

My mom said the “pandemic put us in time-out,” and […]

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Instructor demonstrating art technique to two children at a table.

Equity | November 28, 2022

Centering People Not Checklists

By Alexzia Plummer, Program Associate

Imagine you’ve invited your close friend or relative to your […]

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A person talking

Two people are in conversation. The person speaking is facing the camera and gesturing with one hand and holding a soda can in the other; the other person has their back to the camera. Out of focus are other people in the room.

Equity | October 27, 2022

Trust-Based Philanthropy

By Emily Nguyen, Deputy Director

In my first three months here at the Weitz Family […]

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Group of people

A large group of people are standing in two lines facing towards each other inside; deep in conversation.

Advocacy | October 19, 2022

Collective Power Through Policy

By Renee Fry, Policy Consultant

This is a guest blog from Renee Fry, Policy Consultant […]

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Group of people at Grantee Gathering

A group of 10 people are gathered around a table with a teal tablecloth posed for the photo inside the Venue at Highlander. Six people are seated and four are standing behind them.

Power Sharing | August 25, 2022

Our First Grantee Gathering

By Robia Qasimyar

This blog is estimated to take 3 minutes to read. […]

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Two people at a desk.

Two people are at a desk. One person is out of focus and looking off camera. The person in focus is wearing a mask, looking down at papers on the desk, and is holding a pen.

Equity | August 3, 2022

All Data is Not Created Equal

By Katie Weitz, PhD

This blog is estimated to take 2 minutes to read. […]

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The Weitz Family Foundation logo icon has a dark blue square border. Inside the border, there are four layers of waves in dark blue, aqua, orange, and teal. Below the waves, the text reads "Weitz" in bold, dark blue font and "Family Foundation" in a light, dark blue font.

General | July 14, 2022

Celebrating 20 Years of Impact

By Katie Weitz, PhD

This is the moment we have been waiting for— The […]

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A large group of people.

A group of 17 people standing close together posed for the photo in a residential neighborhood with large trees.

Carleton Weitz Fellows | May 31, 2022

What is a Weitz Fellow? And how do I get one?

By Katie Weitz, PhD

The Weitz Family has a deep relationship with Carleton College. […]

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A Weitz Family Foundation board meeting.

Eight Weitz Family Foundation staff and board members are seated at a long table and are in conversation with each other.

A Board's Eye View | May 4, 2022

What’s so hard about being transparent?

By Katie Weitz, PhD

Transparency is a central value to the Weitz Family Foundation. […]

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A group of people building.

A group of six people with hard hats on are working together at a construction site.

General | May 3, 2022

Easy Multiplier Effect for Economic Justice Philanthropy

By Katie Weitz, PhD

Omaha is a town that loves to build! There is […]

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