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A group of 17 people standing close together posed for the photo in a residential neighborhood with large trees.

Carleton Weitz Fellows | May 31, 2022

What is a Weitz Fellow? And how do I get one?

By Katie Weitz, PhD

The Weitz Family has a deep relationship with Carleton College.

Barbara and Wally met there and graduated in 1970.  Each of their three children went to college in Northfield, MN and were proud Carleton Knights. Currently, Drew is on the alumni board for Carleton, and Wally has been the chair of the Board of Trustees for over 20 years!  When Barbara and Wally created the Weitz Family Foundation, it wasn’t long before Carleton received our largest ever grant!

Slowly but surely, each kid boomeranged to Omaha, another place with deep roots for our family. The foundation likes to say we only make grants in Omaha, except of course, for Carleton. When Jack Becker (Carleton graduate) moved to Omaha, he devised a truly great way for the foundation to blend their love of the two places—by bringing new Carleton graduates to agencies we love in Omaha. We began with just one fellow at the Joslyn and expanded to as many as eight, and in 2022-2023 we will have five in Omaha at area agencies.

We love bringing amazing humans to outstanding agencies where they can learn and grow in a nurturing and effective space. While many people have recognized the tremendous caliber of the fellows and have asked to be put “on the list,” we are staying small.  We want to provide an environment where we can develop relationships. While we can’t get all the agencies we love a Weitz fellow, we hope you will consider using the Carleton career center to import more of these young people!

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Crystal Fuller is leading a suicide prevention training. She is standing in front of a projector, presenting to a classroom of attendees from various nonprofit organizations.

Education | May 23, 2023

Learn Along With Me

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