Maybe you are wondering…

How do I know if I should apply?

Thank you for being considerate, and carefully reviewing how or whether your agency fits with our foundation. Please review our mission statement. It is broad, yes, but does your agency seek to break the cycle of poverty? Yes? Great. Do you work to address systemic gaps, and fix institutional failures that perpetuate poverty? If yes, please keep reading.  Do you work to create racial equity internally and outside your organizations for the world?  Fantastic. Please Apply. Let us know how a capacity building grant will facilitate the success of your project, program or agency. These criteria are pretty tough–if you answered no to any of these questions, perhaps consider the shorter Beloved Community grant application.

Beloved Community–if you look at the website, you will see a number of groups we have funded, from start ups to large institutions.  For this year, we are limiting these operating grants to no more than $20,000. These grants are meant to address relief, recovery and re-imagining life in Omaha.   We would like to focus our grants on racial justice in this pandemic gripped world.   Please note that although the application is meant to be simple, the review process is not, and it will be well into December before your agency will be notified about funding.

Have more questions?  Please communicate with our new program assistants:

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What is the timeline for applying and notification of a grant for 2023?

August 1:  Applications will become “Live” on the website and you can submit ONE at any time before the DUE date.
September 12: ALL applications DUE before close of business, or at the latest midnight.  In the past we have been flexible, but it would really behoove you and us if you submit your grant on time.  Pretend the deadline is September 9 .
December 16: Funding decisions will have been made and the notification of grantees will begin.

May I apply for both a Beloved Community grant AND a Capacity Building grant?

No.  Which one to apply for?  This is totally the agency’s call.  The Beloved Community grant application is meant to be simpler and a way for organizations to be introduced to the family, however there is less of an opportunity to share your agency’s story.  While the Beloved Community has a cap to its request amount, you can apply for grants of any size in the Capacity Building application including amounts under $20,000.

Will Weitz Family Foundation fund agencies that are located outside of Omaha, NE?

Agencies that work in the Omaha metro area are eligible to apply. We do fund national organizations with satellites in Omaha. If your agency is located and works outside of Omaha, and particularly outside of Nebraska we will say No. We receive so many worthy requests our criteria for funding begins with the simple geographic question. Please know that no matter how worthy your project, if it is not taking place in Omaha area, we are unlikely to be your funder.

Even though you say you only fund Omaha, would you consider a request from Council Bluffs?

We recognize that many people who use services in Omaha also live and work across the bridge and vice versa, unfortunately we have to draw some lines, and thus we will NOT fund agencies that are outside Omaha, including (but of course not limited to) Council Bluffs.

Does it help to call and ask to meet with Weitz family member?

Every director and staff member of the Weitz Family Foundation is actively engaged in the community. It may seem confusing whether to approach an individual or the foundation. Unless you have an existing personal relationship, please do not solicit individual family members in addition to the family’s foundation. The program assistants are available to meet with agencies (A-M contact Robia, and N-Z contact Alexzia) but this does not indicate likeliness of grant funding.  If you are new to the Weitz Family Foundation, reach out to one of our program people to schedule a get acquainted meeting.

Will Weitz Family Foundation fund operating or overhead costs?

Sure. Our Beloved Community  grants are meant to provide funds for the day-to-day costs of operating non-profit agencies that fit within our mission. If you are applying for a Capacity Building grant, overhead costs can be included. In these programmatic areas we prefer to see overhead that doesn’t exceed twenty percent.  Additionally, if you intend to use any portion of the grant to fund your event please indicate that on your application.

Will Weitz Family Foundation fund individuals or religious organizations?


If I am denied a grant, can I call and find out why?

If requested (via email), we will do our best to provide specific feedback where we can (not to argue about the result), but it is also the case that difficult decisions have to be made, and we hope you will understand we have more worthy applications than we can fund at any given time.

If I am the recipient of the grant, may I use the Weitz Family Foundation name in our reports?


What about events and sponsorship opportunities?
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If you want the Weitz Family Foundation to be a sponsor of your annual or special event, you MUST use this application process. We will not consider underwriting letters or sponsorship appeals during the rest of the year. Please specify the amount you would like in underwriting or sponsorship and indicate what “level” of sponsorship this will secure. This is an additional question in the application so be sure to decide carefully. And yes, if we fund your grant, you will be able to use our name in your fundraising/marketing materials.

Please feel free to email  or  with any other questions.