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Diana Martinez

Asociada de Programa | ella/ella

Committed to lifelong learning and energized by helping others be their best, Diana is excited to connect organizations to the resources they need. In roles at Film Streams and The Union for Contemporary Art, Diana learned firsthand the time and effort it takes to create vibrant and impactful programming, as well as the leadership needed to guide equitable and effective organizations. She is passionate about making Omaha a great place to work and live.

Diana has more than a decade of experience as a scholar, educator, and nonprofit arts administrator. Originally from Southern California, Diana has called Omaha home since 2016. She received her PhD from the University of Oregon.

Diana likes movies, books, and funny TikToks.

Sobre Emily

Emily Nguyen


Sobre Rose

Rose Christiansen

Grants Administrator

Robia Qasimyar Bio Headshot

Sobre Robia

Robia Qasimyar

Asociada de Programa

Nuestra junta directiva

Sobre Katie

Katie Weitz, PhD

Directora Ejecutiva

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Sobre Drew

Drew Weitz

Miembro de la junta directiva

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Sobre Roger

Roger Weitz

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Sobre Kate

Kate Noble Weitz

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Sobre Wally

Wally Weitz

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Sobre Barbara

Barbara Weitz

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Sobre Meredith

Meredith Weitz

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